Monday, January 13, 2014

Reality Check January 2014

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2013!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

So if you are not aware I am in this program at Emily Carr - Interaction Design Essentials. and it's a pretty tough program. I am half way through and I'm doing well.

Lots of great things have happened since I have enrolled. I have upgraded many skills and learned new skills.

For example I know how to use a Mac, (I've always been PC) and I learned InDesign, I now know Creative Suite PhotoShop, (Illustrator- a bit, I prefer PhotoShop), we've learned a bit of Processing and I have a much better grasp of Html5, Css3, and we are working on the JavaScript, Jquery and things of that nature. We hope to produce an app but time is passing quickly so not sure what will happen.

We also learned about contracts which I feel was invaluable and were given great advice on how to deal with clients and different situations and discussed scenarios so that we can have the best possible working relationships with our clients.

We reviewed logos, fonts, colour palettes, wireframes and things of this nature. The wireframes were not something I was familiar with so it's great to be introduced to these new methodologies in the creation of websites.

We did a lot of research on Human Centered Design and I loved that as it was a great excuse to re-learn and update a lot of the Psychology I studied many years ago at Selkirk College. I really love Psychology.   We also practiced and honed our skills at presenting and this was a great learning opportunity.  I hope to keep up with this and really master it one day but I feel much more comfortable now.

So while all this was going on I have not been able to blog much and my social media has been minimal but I try.

Someone in my class asked me how do you know if your successful in your blogs, since I have so many. We had been discussing self promotion and elevator speeches and I realized, that yes I need to have some quick polished answers to show my successes and to have some proof to back it all up.

When I got home I thought about it some more. Right now we are working on a Visual Resume. I think this is a wonderful project. I am struggling with it a bit but I have high hopes it will turn out well.

We've been working with Infographics a bit and I was thinking that somehow I need to pull my stats from my blogs, Twitter, Google+, Klout all together to showcase what I have accomplished.

Yes some people have been much more successful but looking back I am proud of the things I have achieved and I think I need to toot my own horn here a bit.

For example I am very close to have 100,000 views on my Tina Winterlik Blog  I really love this blog, I love sharing knowledge and this blog really lets me get it out there. Here is a small graph of my stats.

Stats from my Tina Winterlik Blog- nearly 100,000 since May 2007

Here are a few others

Stats from my Adventurez in Mexico Blog- nearly 73,000 since May 2007

Stats from my Zipolita'z Web Design & Social Mediaz Blog- just over 10,000 views since May 2007

Stats from my Tina Winterlik Zipolita'z Studioz-Almost 4000 views in one year.

I have about 2850 Twitter followers...and they are real...not bought or fake...that I know of ...I try to check each well.
My Google+ Followers

Now here's my Klout. The person that inquired about my successes in Social Media asked me if I had heard of Klout and I told her I didn't have a lot of faith in it. For one thing I have followed it since the start and it was pretty funky in the beginning and because I do not let them have access to some of my accounts well I know for a fact it would affect my score but security is more important to me than the score and that's why I keep it the way I do.

Now you might notice I have no Facebook stats up here...that is where I have made mistakes but it's because Facebook was all over the place and changed SO MUCH...I have like 4 Facebook pages and a personal profile and well it's hard to get that in check. One day I will just have one but with all their weird tactics I just don't have a lot of faith in the them. I love getting great info in my feed and sharing it but it's also very easy to spam people and so I shy away from it a bit other than in my personal feed where people can follow me if they wish. 

So how am I doing in Social Media.

Reality Check: I have done well but things could have gone better. If this whole time I had promoted just one blog/website well I guess it would have been much more successful. Yet there was a method to my madness, I was learning Social Media, learning to drive traffic, learning about what I like to share.

Last year when I created Zipolita'z Studioz was my attempt to create a MOTHER BLOG for all her seven blogs and try to get everyone to come but so many things have happened in between I haven't blogged there as much as I had liked and I didn't want to ignore my other blogs so a delicate balance was attempted and I am not sure I was very successful.

At the end of the day, all I can say is I have tried my best, given it my best shot, is there room for improvement --definitely---would I have done it different---mostly likely. Yet this is all hindsight and as the internet hurls itself into the future at a mindboggling speed all I can do is hang on and go for the about you feel like that too.

Now I am on to App least that is what we are attempting and hoping for from our program and our own talent and abilities. Will my social media and what I have achieved over the last 6 years help, you bet it will.

What are my goals for the future? What are my New Year's Resolution for 2014. Well first let me give thanks for the things I achieved this year. I am grateful for getting into my program. So very very grateful. I am grateful for the amazingly talented people I am surrounded with and the knowledge I am gaining from them. I am grateful for the connections I am making and I am grateful for the possibilities and opportunities that are opening up for me.

This year I hope to create a beautiful portfolio website. I hope to create 2 apps(this is a big dream...but who knows what is possible until attempted), and maybe re-develop my online courses.

I hope people will see my talents and hire/barter/trade with me so that live a happy life and create the green lifestyle I so desperately desire and I hope we can continue to travel, explore and learn about the world and share our knowledge with others so that we can create a better world - one we are proud of and that will be a healthy happy place for our children to grow up in and for us to grow old in.

So that is my reality check and these are my hopes and dreams and resolutions. How about you? How are you doing? Is it working for you? What are your hopes, you need my help? Can we work together to achieve our goals. If so feel free to contact me.

Have a good week, please visit my other blogs and follow me. Cheers!! Sending out love and light and wishing you all a fabulous year! :D

PS. Please check out the videos on this blogpost, they are very powerful and enlightening. :D