Thursday, November 11, 2010

Let's Talk About Social Media For a Minute!

Let's talk about Social Media for a minute, I am going to post this on my Social Media Super Hero Blog as well because it's totally relevant.

See the post below as this is a continuation of the same subject "Websites I like to Build!"

This client does not want a blog and believes that they don't really need a website and is only just in 2010 going to get one.

Please I beg of this person to read up on Social Media or take a Social Media course at Emily Carr or BCIT with Rebecca Coleman. (See video and links on post below) If they do, I promise they are going to be rewarded with so much knowledge that their company is going to flourish so much compared to if they don't.
Even reading this they are going to get a heads up on a lot of things. For instance...Please, Please, Please put in a blog. Google loves blog and hates a boring old static website. Who blames them, if you have been to a website, seen what you need, made a few notes...Why go back ? Ask yourself, do you? No? Why not? Because we are too frigging busy right!

But with a blog, you have all this new stuff and Google likes it and grabs it and you have a lot more info on the web and people can find you. That said you need to create a Facebook presence and a Twitter account and then you'll really be communicating with the world and people will start to find you.

Now there is so much more to be said about Social Media and if you listen to what Rebecca Coleman says, you will learn a super valuable piece of info, "Marketing has changed". The playing field has been leveled and us little guys do have a chance against these corporate giants. We can publish our voice and it can be heard, if we just implement these super new tools that the universe is providing.

We have come a long way baby! I learned web design just before the crash and for years I just built little websites for myself, basically almost intranets, ..that is basically what they were, because my circle was so small and I just could not get people to look at them.

Friends and family actually got pissed at me, because I was spamming them, not my intention at all, but I just had no other idea of how to get that info out there, other than to keep emailing them and say "Look at this, look at this" "Please tell your friends" This did not work, let me tell you.

Now with all these new tools you don't have to make the same mistakes I did. You can thank all the people who "screwed up" for paving the way so that you and your biz can flourish, so you can share your passion with others and they will want to follow you and see what the heck your up to and actually buy your art or product or info, what ever it is that you want to share with this now gigantic world, this huge gigantic library in the sky so to speak.

It's a new world out there, take some time to learn about it and Don't Judge Us Web Designers, while there was a time when you were paying for the fancy office and the cappochino when you arrived to inquire about a website...that was 2000, most WeDdesigners now work from home and I believe alot are moms like me, who took time to have a child and put in thousands of hours trying to create a different kind of masterpiece that will contribute to this great big world.

We are highly skilled talented artists, photographers, bloggers, web designers, videographers and the knowledge we contribute and invest in you and your project is worth every penny and more that you pay. We are highly educated and have continued to learn and keep up with all the latest trends and technologies.

So next time someone quotes a website at $1000-$10,000, Stop and Think!

How much of an investment is this over a year, 5 years, 10 years. Odds are it's very economical and you will reap the benefits because your business, art, music or what ever you are trying to promote will succeed.

"How much educating are they doing?"
"How difficult is this design"
"Do you need someone who codes HTML" 
"Is this person photographer?" "Where will the photos come from?"
"Is this person capable of making Videos?" "Can they make videos and add them to your website and blog?
"Can they add a blog"
"Do they know the value of a Blog?"
"Does the person your dealing with understand Social Media?"
"Does this person understand Facebook, Youtube, Twitter & Linkedin"
"What's copywriting?" "Can your Web Designer write copy?" 
"If they can't write copy, who will?"

"Do you need to learn about Blogs, and Social Media, do you need Video?" Videos are hugely important as People Love to Share Videos and Music Helps Trigger Emotion, something that is important very today. You've heard of Viral Videos, well this is all important stuff these days and you need to Educate Yourself or Pay for Someone to Educate You.

Either way it's money.

The  Websites I build are Simple, Clean, they have Great Design, Great Navigation, and Load Fast, Add a Blog (and Actually Use It) and Twitter and I promise you'll have Great Results. 

Or you can hire me as your Social Media Super Hero & I will do that for you!

Of course you can actually build your own blog or website too, but it's time and "Time is Money", "What is your Time Worth?"

Time to Learn. Isn't that what it comes down to. The other things is "Do you really want to?" Do you have Time to? If you did want to or if you had the knowledge, wouldn't you have done it by now?

Ask Yourself - Do you want to be Running Your Business and Taking Care of all that Entails?  Creating & Selling your art?  or Creating & Selling Your Music?  the decision is obviously yours to be made but I hope this give you some food for thought!

Okay more on this later. Chew on that for a while!