Monday, November 8, 2010

Building a New Website for a Library!

I'm pretty excited, I am just about to start building a new website. I haven't been building websites for a while, just blogs mainly so this will be challenging and fun and I am looking forward to exercising that part of my brain. I code in html and then snazz it up to photos, text, video, and things like that. 

Anyways I will keep you posted on my progress and show you the end results. I have a couple other pokers in the fire so to speak and I am excited by the work prospects that are coming to light with the fact that I just got a new laptop.

Nothing to fancy, but it serves all my needs and these are actually very simple. Just Photoshop and Editplus and access to the web and I am a happy camper. It is so great, I have waited a really long time and have watched them drop and drop in price.

Last year I almost got one, I was torn between a netbook and I wasn't sure if I could load the programs and things I needed. I am sure glad I waited because for about $100 more I got a really sweet laptop.

Recently I had been forced to use the most antique computer and I was just so miserable as it was slower than the slowest turtle and I couldn't twitter or do alot of the cool new things I was learning in my Social Media class. Now I can though. Now it's all good, and I am glad I waited. It's been hard but everything happens for a reason.

Anyways stay tuned and watch for new website and blogs I build and I will try to add lots of interesting tidbits that I come across.